Web Development

We are ASP, ASP.NET and SQL Server experts. Since our development projects have almost always targeted the web we have also gained in depth knowledge of serveral related Microsoft platforms including Windows servers and IIS.

Our strengths are in back-end and database development. In other words we can create the functionality needed and wrap it around a design made by someone else. We don't do the actual visual designs (graphics, layout and color decisions, etc.). We don't have that expertise and prefer to be behind the scenes supporting web designers.

As one may expect, many of our projects include an e-commerce shopping cart and related elements. However, we are rutinely asked to work on projects that feature some other technologies.

Here are some of the projects we've worked on:

  1. Helped design and implement a web application to collect and report statistical information. Web site needed to allow any number of companies to build surveys. After gathering the information from employees, management needed the ability to run customized PDF reports on their company's data and compare it with the average of all participating companies.
  2. Designed and implemented a 3-tier web application for large corporation with over 100 markets. Each market had to share the same look and feel but have different content. The content was to be entered by an administrator at each market. Some of which had limited web experience so ease of use was a priority.
  3. To show the range of projects…
    Created a one user hosted application to schedule wrestling matches between many schools in South Jersey. This job was done in about three days for a couple of hundred dollars.

Contact us for more information and to see if we can help with your next development project.