Licensing Easy API for DotNetPanel

Easy API for DNP is currently licensed as donationware (a type of freeware). In other words, although a donation for our efforts is really appreciated, it is not required in order to use the software.

There are two types of free licenses available; an expiring license and a non-expiring license.

Non-Expiring Licenses
When you make a donation of any amount you get a permanent, non-expiring, license to the current major version release of Easy API for DNP.

Expiring Licenses
An Expiring License is just like a Non-Expiring License except that it needs to be reactivated twice within six months before becoming a permanent, non-expiring, license. This allows you to thoroughly test and use the software as you determine the real value of the software to your company. Your donation - if any - can then be made in accordance to the value you receive.

Here are the activation process details...
When an expiring license is first activated it is valid for three months. After the initial three months it will need to be reactivated in order to continue using the expiring license for an additional three months. Once the second activation has expired you can reactivate your license one last time - converting it to a permanent, non-expiring, license.

Expiring Licenses can be converted to Non-Expiring Licenses at any time by making a donation of any amount. Once we receive your donation we will link it to your license key and upgrade it to a Non-Expiring License.

Below is your Expiring License license key. You can convert it to a Non-Expiring License by donating now.

License Key: 305BB76B-6AB2-4DFD-A39F-3D3D2DF2FB5F

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