Easy API for DotNetPanel

The Easy API for DNP is a component created by AC Works to control and configure DotNetPanel programmatically. It is currently licensed as donationware (a type of freeware). Please see the licensing information for more details.

Here is a list of goals for the project...

  • Provide a simple to use, yet powerful, programming interface.
  • The ability to program in your favorite programming platform or language (ASP, VBScript, PHP, etc.).
  • There is no need to know anything about web services.
  • Provide robust error correction and clear error messages.

The following steps show you how to get started using the latest version...

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of DotNetPanel.
  2. Get a free license key for Easy API for DNP. [Get License Key]
  3. Download the latest version of Easy API for DNP.
  4. Once installed you will find a TestCom.vbs file at the root of the install directory.
  5. Using Notepad open it and edit the constant variables at the top with your server's information.


'===== START Settings Variables =====
Const m_EnterpriseServerUrl = ""
Const m_DnpUserName = "serveradmin"
Const m_DnpPassword = "serveradmin"
'===== STOP Settings Variables  =====

TestCom.vbs demonstrates how to do many things including the creation of new DNP Customers and Hosting Spaces. We now have full documentation of the current build - including the full API and both VBScript and PHP sample code. [View Documentation]

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